ListingWare IDX Application Programming Interface API

For all of you WordPress junkies, we now have a direct integration method just for you! You can see more on the WordPress page, but make sure you check out the API below also, because they work hand-in-hand.

We now also have Widget Code Generators for current customers! Just sign in at the top-right and click on the IDX Search option in the top menu. At the bottom of that page you can find these new options. Schweet!

ListingWare API Video
: 1 hour, 18 minutes; 130 MB: Goes in-depth on the API and how you can customize your service with it. Shows older version of our website and our service, but all API info is the same. There is one hitch with Skype toward the end that shows they still had some privacy bugs, so please forgive that. Requires GoToMeeting Codec.

Because You Asked For It…

We have created the ListingWare Application Programming Interface (API). With it, you can create your own custom searches, listing displays, or links directly with ListingWare.

Where To Start?

Everything is built on your base URL – the web address that identifies your unique account. It is in the form of:

If you’re using our Complete Website option and have a domain name assigned on your account, you could use:

This is what you use to call the basic search according to how you’ve configured it in the Account Manager under IDX Search > Search Style.

What’s Next?

Next, you add the particular page name that you’re trying to access, which would be one of four pages:

And Then…

After the page name, you add a question mark, followed by the query string/URL parameters, each separated by the ampersand sign (&):

Now, The Good Stuff…

Here are the various parameters you can put into the query string. All parameters are optional.

For parameters with SPACES, such as city names, replace spaces with a plus sign (+). Example: ‘East Point’ becomes ‘East+Point’.
Added 6/28/11: You can also replace spaces with underscores (_). Example: ‘East Point’ becomes ‘East_Point’. This works better for WordPress integration.

For parameters with APOSTROPHES, such as subdivisions, replace single apostrophes with two consecutive apostrophes (”). Example: O’Dell’s Run becomes O”Dell”s Run. Make sure that you use two apostrophes, NOT the double quote symbol.

Field Name Used For Possible Values Default Example
KeyField Determining the primary criteria to search on City, ListingID, Subdivision, County, PostalCode, SchoolName City KeyField=City
City Search by city ‘All’ or distinct city names, separated by commas All City=All
State Search by state Distinct state abbreviations separated by commas (no default, assumes all in service area) State=GA
PropertyTypeID Search by property type ‘All’ or numeric values 1-12 separated by commas,
1 – Single Family
2 – Multifamily
3 – Commercial
4 – Land Lots
5 – Acreage and Farms
6 – Condos / Townhomes
7 – Rentals
8 – Co-op
9 – Mobile Homes
10 – Lake and Resort
11 – Commercial Rentals
12 – Business Opportunity
1 PropertyTypeID=All
County Search by county County name (no default) County=Fulton
PostalCode Search by ZIP/Postal Code ZIP Codes, separated by commas (no default) PostalCode=30101,30102
Subdivision Search by subdivision Full (or partial) subdivision name (no default) Subdivision=Fair
SchoolName Search by school name Full (or partial) school name (no default) SchoolName=Oak
SchoolType Used with SchoolName HighSchool, MiddleSchool, ElementarySchool HighSchool SchoolType=HighSchool
ListingID MLS Number/Listing ID; Only use with
Single or comma-separated list of Listing IDs (no default) ListingID=1232321
Keywords Search for key words in the body of the listing description;
Precede with ‘!’ for negation of term
Comma-separated list of terms (no default) Keywords=golf,master+on+main
KeywordsOperator Used with Keywords ‘and’ uses all keywords; ‘or’ uses any keywords and KeywordsOperator=and
MinPrice Minimum Price 0-999999999 0 MinPrice=0
MaxPrice Maximum Price 0-999999999 999999999 MaxPrice=999999999
PriceRange Alternative to MinPrice and MaxPrice in a single field; Separator is vertical bar 0-999999999 0|999999999 PriceRange=0|999999999
Bedrooms Minimum number of bedrooms 0+ 0 Bedrooms=3
BathsFull Minimum number of full baths 0+ 0 BathsFull=2
YearBuilt Year property built (or earlier/later, depending on YearBuiltOperator) Four-digit year or 0 0 YearBuilt=1995
YearBuiltOperator Whether earlier or later than YearBuilt (also includes equal to YearBuilt) ‘earlier’ or ‘later’ later YearBuiltOperator=later
Stories Number of stories 0, 1, or 2(2 is for 2 or more) 0 Stories=0
SortOrder Order search is returned Asc – ascending by price;
Desc – descending by price;
New – new/modified in last two weeks shown first
Asc SortOrder=Asc
MaxRows Maximum rows per page returned 5, 10, 20 10 MaxRows=10
PhotoLinks How to show listing photos –
‘No’ shows thumbnail photos on results;
‘Detail’ shows detail photos only;
‘Yes’ shows only listings with photos
‘No’, ‘Detail’, or ‘Yes’ No PhotoLinks=No
Reciprocity Show agent/office listings or full MLS search ‘Yes’ shows all MLS listings;
‘No’ shows only agent/office listings
Setting in Admin Reciprocity=Yes
Advanced Advanced search ‘Yes’ or ‘No’
(default KeyField is ‘City’, but you can combine
fields like Subdivision and PostalCode when ‘Yes’)
No Advanced=No
StatusCodes Status of listing Check with us for valid status codes for your MLS (no default) StatusCodes=Active
ResultsStyle Style for results to display;
Photo w/ Text (1),
DynaMap (2),
ListingFlow (5),
Photo Gallery (6)
1, 2, 5, or 6(Without DynaMap, 1 is only valid value;
5 and 6 not available with Classic version)
1 ResultsStyle=1

Special Parameter: LeadSource

There is an additional parameter available for tracking where Leads come from called LeadSource.This can be used to differentiate separate implementations of your central URL. If you’ve got more than one website where your URL is plugged in, you can track it! For example:

With this, you’ll be able to track the effectiveness of ALL of your IDX implementations!

Special Note: The Evils of ‘Copy and Paste’ (Updated 2/18/10)

As you use the API, you may also encounter some additional URL parameters – either CFID/CFToken or JSessionID. These are two special variables related to ColdFusion, which is the web application language used to create ListingWare. Previously, you could cause issues with visitor tracking and registration if you included these in your links. This shouldn’t be a problem any longer, as we’ve stopped using them in our links automatically. You may have created links in the past that have them embedded, but it shouldn’t be a problem. However, it’s good practice to remove them if you encounter them.

API Examples

You can use these parameters to either create custom searches that appear at the click of a button or link, or tailor the starting search page so that certain parameters are pre-selected. These examples work with any of our versions. Try them with your own URL – just substitute yours where it has below. But make sure you check out all of the parameters you can use to get the most out of the API!

To provide different starting search parameters, start with the index.cfm page.

To start with DynaMap search, use the map.cfm page. Second example uses City and State or PostalCode to default to a particular location at the center of the search.

To create a one-click search, use the searchresults.cfm page.

To show only all of your own listings.

Select several listings to highlight with searchresults.cfm

Show an individual listing with searchdetail.cfm