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Let ListingWare’s MLS IDX Search and Website solutions power your Brokerage website. Your Agents and Clients will thank you.


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Need service as an Agent?
We’ve got you covered.

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What Our MLS IDX Solution Does for Brokers and Their Brokerages


Engage More Leads

When you put our intuitive, easy-to-use Real Estate website in the hands of your Clients, it gets them involved and actively participating in the process of buying or selling their home.

Our IDX Listings Search Engine turns your Brokerage website into your very own MLS IDX search portal – your Buyers never need to go to any other website to search.

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Capture More Leads

Our exclusive QuantumLead registration system works for you and your Agents to convert your website visitors into Clients.

Our ViewTrac reports provide a virtual over-the-shoulder view of what Buyers see through your MLS IDX search. You learn who they are and what they want – no more guessing.

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Manage More Leads

ListingWare is your automated online personal assistant.  You can now provide service 24 hours a day to anyone, anywhere.

Our HomeScanner provides automatic email alerts and centralized management of the Buyers’ home search, so you can concentrate on building relationships.

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How Our MLS IDX System Works



Brokers, Agents, and all other MLS Members use the MLS’s internal listing management database, such as RE/Xplorer, Tempo, Stellar, or any other system, to manage listing information during the normal course of business.
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We pull listing information directly from the MLS’s system according to your MLS’s Internet Data Exchange (IDX) policy. This process occurs on a regular basis and captures all updated listing information.
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Listing information in our system is displayed to your Clients as part of your Brokerage website or MLS IDX search. Our system tells them to contact you and your Agents for more information on all of the listings.
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MLS IDX System Tour Screenshots


Home Page

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Search Page

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Results Page

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Detail Page

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Contact Page