Mobile IDX Website

We include a Mobile IDX Website for searching on-the-go.
You and your Clients can use it on any modern phone or device with a mobile web browser.


The links below simulate how the Mobile IDX Website will appear in the web browser of today’s most popular mobile devices, including the iPhone.

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The search interface is designed for ease-of-use, simplicity and speed on all mobile devices. Mobile browsers are automatically detected and directed to mobile content, with the option of visiting your standard Website or IDX Search.

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To test it yourself, please visit with your mobile phone or device.
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For All You Mobile Geeks Out There…

We attempt to autodetect the mobile browsers of today’s most popular devices and then direct the user to Mobile content. This has proven to be pretty accurate, but it is not foolproof. If you wish to direct your users to a failsafe method of viewing Mobile content, you can tell them to visit your URL, followed by /m or /mobile, as in or

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To test this failsafe, please visit with your mobile device.