The quickest way to connect with your Clients!

Your website visitors click a button, YOU are on the other end of the phone!  It can’t get simpler or more immediate than that!

Lead2Phone integrates Click-To-Call functionality directly into your website.

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Current Customers:
You can add Lead2Phone through the Account Manager. Just login at the upper-right and go to Add-ons.

Feature Basic Advanced
Setup Fee $29 $99
Monthly Fee $9.95 $29.95
Minutes Included 100 500
Per-Minute After Included Minutes $0.10 $0.10
Phone Number Routing 1 Up to 5
Scheduling Options Single Multiple

How Does Lead2Phone Work?

  • Click-To-Call: We insert buttons and links beside your phone number and beside all listings that the visitor can click to start a phone call. When our system gets you on the line, we let you know what the caller needs and then connect you directly if you choose.
  • Quick Callback: When a website visitor registers through your website, they also provide their phone number. Our system can call and notify you of the new registration and you can choose to call and greet them immediately.
  • Scheduling: You can setup your daily schedule of when you will take calls directly so you don’t get calls in the middle of the night.
  • Call Details: Whenever you get a call – whether we connect you directly or not – we send the details of the call to you via email and/or text message. You’ll have these details to return calls if needed.
  • External Integration: We’ll give you additional buttons and links that let you integrate Lead2Phone with other websites and even add a link to your email signature!

We use it too! Check out the phone number link in the upper-right of the page.

‘Call Now’ Buttons Displayed Next To Listings

The Integrated Popup That Starts The Phone Call