Why WordPress?

The first question that I can hear being asked is “Why WordPress?”  Of course, we asked that ourselves.  For a long time, we’ve offered simple, stripped-down websites that are done in-house, just because some of our customers wanted a basic website to get started.  We had never really concentrated on them specifically, they just sorta grew from our IDX services.

I even did a full rewrite and created our own Content Management System in late 2008, trying to get us to a place that was similar to what was possible with other systems at the time.  However, WordPress has just become such a complete platform, with all of its plugins, themes, and other features, that we just couldn’t ignore it any longer.

Rather than fight the tide, we’re embracing it!  Yes, WordPress is the best platform for managing any type of website!  And ListingWare adds to it perfectly.

Eating Your Own Dog Food

One of our deeply-held beliefs here at ListingWare is that we wouldn’t tell our customers to use anything that we wouldn’t use ourselves – the good old “eating our own dog food” policy. So, since we’re about to start offering WordPress-based websites for our customers, we’re switching over to a WordPress-based blog for the company.

We would switch the whole ListingWare website over, but many elements of it are using ColdFusion programming and we’re just not ready to make that switch yet. Someday, maybe – but Not Today, Zurg!