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We are experiencing some issues with a few of the themes that we have available through our WordPress site, We are working on the issues and should have them corrected shortly. Thank you for your patience.

Facebook Linking Up In The Air

Just this week, we’ve been working on a method for allowing linking of ListingWare searches directly within a Facebook Page format.  We’re very close in technical terms to be able to allow and promote this, but the jury is still out on whether it’s permissible from MLSs (especially FMLS in Atlanta).  We’re going to keep talking with MLS officials to see if they are going to permit it.  We’ll let you know soon.

Showcase 2011 Wrap-Up

We had a great day at Showcase 2011 yesterday.  I have to say that ABR and FMLS put on quite an event!  Well organized and professional, with lots of good information for their members.  We met lots of new customers and got to see lots of current ones face-to-face.

Just about everything was very positive.  The only thing that stuck with me as a bit odd is that there are STILL lots of folks out there that don’t truly get IDX and what it can do for them.  Once you start to explain it, they sort of get that “Oh, yeah – I think I’ve heard of this before” expression, but it’s definitely not how it should be.

It sorta sparks my interest and desire to do more education on that subject, since the MLSs and many Brokers aren’t stepping up to the plate.  I’m going to cogitate on it a bit and we’ll see what develops!

Hey – We Need Salespeople…

I’m normally not the snarky type, but I do find this particular story a bit amusing and/or poignant:

Dominion Enterprises stops selling Advanced Access websites, lays off employees, consolidates.

My primary interest is in that ListingWare was considered as an acquisition target when Dominion first started “consolidating” Real Estate web services many years ago.

Just goes to show – not a lot changes in these big organizations.  They slap things together, run for a time, but then end up driving away the folks that started it up in the first place.

And ListingWare keeps rolling along…

Mobile IDX Interface Update

It has been a while since we launched our Mobile IDX services, and in that time we hadn’t really updated the look of it.  Since we’re adding some new features to the Mobile version soon, we thought it best to first update what was out there, then add the new elements.

Make sure you check it out!  You can see a working simulation here, our simply go to your ListingWare URL on your smartphone or mobile browser.

Let us know what you think of it!

Geek Stuff: QuantumLead Registration

So, here’s the sort of stuff I think about ALL DAY LONG!

With our QuantumLead Registration settings, you can control how ListingWare is setup to get Clients to register on your website or IDX search.  I’ve researched this sort of thing for years – it generally falls under terms like User Interface Engineering or User Experience.

BoingBoing had a link this morning about the $300 Million Button, which is pretty enlightening.  It talks about how an ecommerce giant bumped their sales up $300 million in one year with a small tweak to their user registration form.  So, I’m looking at our options again to see what can be trimmed and how it can be optimized.

Always sharpening the ax!

Oops Special Offer

I suppose I could have called this the Sorry-For-The-Recent-Server-Downtime Offer, but that was sorta long…

Anyhow – to make up for the difficulties caused during some recent service problems, we’ve come up with several things you can take advantage of:

  1. Website Launch Special:  We have updated our complete Real Estate Website services.  If you go for the $495 Website Launch Special, you can have either FREE DynaMap or $50 off the purchase price.
  2. Do-It-Yourself Website Special:  If you’re the DIY type, we can set you up on our WordPress website hosting for only a $25 setup fee and NO additional monthly fees.
  3. Lead2Phone:  You can add our click-to-call service for only $9.95/month – NO setup.

Go ahead – pick one!  Heck…get it all!

It’s our way of saying we’re sorry for the trouble we caused with our sickly server.  It’s feeling much better now!

Thanks again for being a ListingWare customer.

New Website Launched: Donna Clement

We’re starting a new series of posts to introduce our WordPress websites.  We’ve been creating them for a while, but haven’t really talked about the service yet.  No more keeping our light under a bushel!  🙂

Donna Clement used our new Website Launch Special to get her new website online.  It’s a great value and doesn’t require a learning curve, since we consulted with her on what she was looking for and did all of the heavy lifting for her.

Make sure you check out the Residential Communities section.  It has a little bit about neighborhoods that she specializes in and is a great example of our API and WordPress integrations.

New Support Forum Is Online

We’re going to be starting something a little different with respect to Support here at ListingWare. We’re opening up a Support Forum, which you can find on the Support or Contact Us pages. This is a new thing for ListingWare, but I’ve used it with some success elsewhere.

We’re hoping that by putting it online, we’ll be able to alleviate both current and prospective customers having to ask the same questions. By having it in a forum format, we can interact with more than just a single person at a time.

Go ahead – hit us with your best shots!