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Moving Your Domain Name

As discussed in a previous post, ListingWare is moving its services to cloud-based servers.  If you’re just using our IDX services, most of the process is already done and we’ll be completing the rest before the end of the month.  However, if you have a domain name pointed to one of our older servers, it will need to be changed before the end of July 2012.  

Here are the situations you could be in:

ListingWare’s Name Servers ARE Authoritative

If you’ve had a domain name pointed to our servers for more than 3-4 years, you might fall into this category.  This means you have our name servers controlling the DNS for your domain name.

Not sure if this applies to you?  You can check here:

When you go to that page, you have to enter the Key (the letters in the image on the page) and then your domain name in the Whois space.  Just enter it like without the ‘www’.

If the response shows the DNS Servers or Name Servers as NS1.LISTINGWARE.COM and NS2.LISTINGWARE.COM, then we will take care of the change to the new servers.  If it shows something else, then read on below.

ListingWare’s Name Servers ARE NOT Authoritative

If you used a registrar like GoDaddy, GoSite,, or Network Solutions within the last 3-4 years as we’ve suggested, you have probably used that registrar’s DNS tools to point your domain name to our servers.  That means you’ll need to update the IP address using that registrar’s DNS tools.

The new IP address to point to is: – the old value would be either or

ListingWare WordPress Websites

If you’re using one of our WordPress-based websites, you don’t need to do anything right now.  These are hosted on a separate server already.

For GoDaddy or GoSite, the procedure is shown in the following video:

For other registrars, the procedure is similar, but depends on their DNS management tools.  If you run into trouble with it, you can ask contact the registrar’s support department or ask us – we might know the method.

Domain Forwarding

A special note on Domain Forwarding: you may have a domain name that is just forwarding or pointing to our IDX service instead of actually setup using the IP address.  You don’t have to make a change to that either.  Everything is handled automagically.

Still Not Sure?

No worries.  Just contact our Support department and we’ll check into it for you.  Just make sure you check before the end of July 2012!

ListingWare Moving To The Cloud

Even before last week’s server troubles, we had been working on the process of moving our infrastructure over to cloud-based systems.  The work has begun on actually switching over from our older physical servers to virtual machines in the same data center.  The goal is to have everything moved by July 1st.  Anyone that has a website (domain name) pointed to our servers will have plenty of time and notice to update their settings.  We’ll begin putting out notices via email when there are particular milestones or changes upcoming.  Just letting you know that we’re working on it.  Thanks.

Server Downtime, 5/14-5/15

Starting about 3 PM EDT on 5/14, we experienced a serious failure of our primary database server. It took a while, but it has been restored with no loss of data as of 7:30 AM EDT on 5/15. Sorry for the trouble. Will explain more later.

I need some sleep right now…

Search Issues On WordPress Websites

This is directed at customers using a WordPress website hosted by ListingWare, but could affect any WordPress-based website.  A little geeky, but here goes…

When naming WordPress pages, it seems that the page (permalink or slug) ‘/search/’ is now off-limits.  It may have been part of the core code all along and just not mandatory, but it is definitely a reserved name/slug, only functioning for a website-wide text search.

When we created our original website template, our basic search page used the permalink of ‘/search/’.  Anyone that has been a ListingWare-hosted WordPress website that retained our original page permalink will probably be affected.

We are changing our templates going forward, but if you are having trouble with this, we can fix it for you.  Please contact Support and let us know.  Sorry for the trouble.


I have found a way to get around this by renaming the Search page to ‘/home-search/’ and then creating a new page as a redirect with the permalink/slug of ‘/search/’.  It’s not elegant or complete, but it does at least show the search criteria page.  Still working on a final solution.  Will keep you updated.

Coming Soon: Indexable WordPress Listings

This is HUGE!  The details of the method are still being hammered out, but I can tell you now that ListingWare customers using our WordPress integration will soon have fully indexable listings!  That means search engines will be able to “crawl” your website and gather EVERY listing available!  More details to come soon…

New Website Theme, Updates

You may have noticed that we’ve changed to a new website theme – similar look and layout, but a little more modern.  It also uses what is called Responsive Design, which means that it adjusts itself based on whether the website viewer is on a computer, tablet, smartphone, or whatever.  We’re working on bringing that same capability to all of our IDX Services, too.

We’ve also added some new customer examples to our portfolio.  Most of these have been around a while, just not listed before.  Check’em out!

Finally, we’re also working on a major new version that will really step things forward in terms of modern usability – we’re very excited for you to see it!  Sneak peeks coming soon…