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Server Move Completed (Updated 8/3/16)

Starting on Thursday, 7/28/16, we began contacting ListingWare customers about a Server Move.  Most of you are unaffected, because you are using our service in the form of:

If you have your own domain name, and ListingWare DOES NOT manage your name server for you, then you can point your website to a new IP address:

We will post more details here in the next few days, but this is just in case you’re looking for it over the weekend.  Thanks.

FMLS Service Fee Announcement

ListingWare and every IDX vendor in this market have recently been notified that First Multiple Listing Service (FMLS) is imposing a mandatory data access fee to all IDX vendors effective November 1st, 2013.  We regret that for the first time in our 13-year history of providing IDX service to our customers, we will have to pass this charge directly to you as the end-user.   There will be an additional line item on your invoices dating from the first of November.

If you wish to opt out of this monthly FMLS fee, you can choose to have only GAMLS listings displayed on your website, provided that you are a member of Georgia MLS.  If you select that option, your monthly charge will remain at your old rate.

YOU MUST LET US KNOW BY NOVEMBER 15th IF YOU WISH TO OPT OUT OF FMLS so that we can remove the data and the charges effective December 1st. You must also make sure we have the correct agent/office ID in our records for GAMLS on order to pull the correct agent rosters and listing information.  If you need assistance with any changes, please contact us.

Please email with one of the following requests:

  1. Please change my data feed to GAMLS only, and remove the $15.00/month fee for FMLS from my account.
  2. Please leave FMLS active on my website, I understand and agree to the additional monthly fee for FMLS of $15.00/month.
  3. Please contact me directly about my options.

We appreciate your understanding of our need to manage this unexpected change in our cost of doing business.  We will closely monitor phone and email messages throughout the weekend to respond in a timely manner to your inquiries.

Thank you so much for your continued business and support.

Service Update – Sunday

As of early afternoon yesterday (Saturday), we seemed to have a breakthrough from our hosting company.  Our service levels seem to be back to what they were prior to this whole event starting.  We’ll keep watching things over the weekend and will make sure all of the detailed parts of ListingWare fall back into place, such as listing view tracking.

Please do let us know if you are seeing anything that’s not functioning as it should on your website or search.

Service Update – Friday

We have migrated our primary database server to new hardware and reconfigured our databases.  We started coming back online about 10 AM and had a little slowdown after that needed attention.  By 11:30 AM, things were truly getting back to normal.

We’re going to try and let things just settle down and get back into a groove now.  We are aware that the three-day weekend is an important time for your service to go uninterrupted.  We will be monitoring things VERY CLOSELY over the weekend and will take care of them if they pop up.

Service Update – Wednesday

Since Monday, we’ve been working with our hosting company to migrate our service into a new hosting environment.  Service has been mostly up, with a few interruptions and some slow periods.  We’re still trying to identify any bottlenecks to keeping everything up in the manner you’re expecting.  Please continue to check here for updates.

Service Update – Monday

We have been experiencing degraded service over the weekend and continuing to work with our hosting provider to resolve the issue with our primary database server.  We are also working with other hosting companies to setup separate services outside of the current host.  Our goal is to have our standard level of service restored within 12-24 hours.  We will continue to update you as things progress.  Sorry again for the trouble.

Server Downtime Update

We are still experiencing intermittent downtime on our primary database server.  I know this is an extreme situation – our worst ever – and we don’t take it lightly.  We are hopeful and confident that it will be resolved this morning (Friday).  More updates to come.  Sorry again for the trouble.

Server Downtime: 08/21-22

We have been experiencing server downtime late yesterday and into today.  We are aware of the issue and working to get the database server back up and running properly.  We’ll put out more information as it’s available.  Sorry for the trouble.

Server Downtime

We just recovered from some server downtime.  It looks like our hosting facility was having system-wide problems.  The outage lasted about an hour.  Sorry for the trouble.  We’ll let you know if we find out anything further.  Thanks.