About Us

Our commitment is to provide website services that strengthen your Real Estate business and are innovative, cost-effective and easy to use.

ListingWare’s roots are in putting MLS data online. Our founder’s involvement in 1995 as Lead Architect of atlantamls.com – one of the first MLSs to go online directly to consumers – has given us a rich history and in-depth understanding of technology for the Real Estate industry.

Management Team

Bob Hendren, Founder/Head Geek
I’ve been around the Internet since before it was born: I worked on early Internet technologies in the US Army from 1991 until 1994. Between 1994 and 2000, I helped grow a 5-person startup into the basis for a 1,000-person, publicly-traded enterprise.  Since 2000, I’ve been helping Real Estate professionals enhance their online business with ListingWare.

Every now and then, I write about stuff I find interesting.  I’m also lucky enough to share the reins here with my wife and business partner, Max.

L. Max Hendren, Generally In Charge of Lots of Stuff
I’ve been around a wide variety of business ventures for over 25 years – anything from technology startups to global consulting enterprises.  My specialities are Human Capital Strategy and Recruitment.  For ListingWare, though, I do all of the non-geek stuff to keep the business on-track.

I got my MBA at Notre Dame and am a rabid Irish fan!