Search Issues On WordPress Websites

Search Issues On WordPress Websites

This is directed at customers using a WordPress website hosted by ListingWare, but could affect any WordPress-based website.  A little geeky, but here goes…

When naming WordPress pages, it seems that the page (permalink or slug) ‘/search/’ is now off-limits.  It may have been part of the core code all along and just not mandatory, but it is definitely a reserved name/slug, only functioning for a website-wide text search.

When we created our original website template, our basic search page used the permalink of ‘/search/’.  Anyone that has been a ListingWare-hosted WordPress website that retained our original page permalink will probably be affected.

We are changing our templates going forward, but if you are having trouble with this, we can fix it for you.  Please contact Support and let us know.  Sorry for the trouble.


I have found a way to get around this by renaming the Search page to ‘/home-search/’ and then creating a new page as a redirect with the permalink/slug of ‘/search/’.  It’s not elegant or complete, but it does at least show the search criteria page.  Still working on a final solution.  Will keep you updated.

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