Oops Special Offer

Oops Special Offer

I suppose I could have called this the Sorry-For-The-Recent-Server-Downtime Offer, but that was sorta long…

Anyhow – to make up for the difficulties caused during some recent service problems, we’ve come up with several things you can take advantage of:

  1. Website Launch Special:  We have updated our complete Real Estate Website services.  If you go for the $495 Website Launch Special, you can have either FREE DynaMap or $50 off the purchase price.
  2. Do-It-Yourself Website Special:  If you’re the DIY type, we can set you up on our WordPress website hosting for only a $25 setup fee and NO additional monthly fees.
  3. Lead2Phone:  You can add our click-to-call service for only $9.95/month – NO setup.

Go ahead – pick one!  Heck…get it all!

It’s our way of saying we’re sorry for the trouble we caused with our sickly server.  It’s feeling much better now!

Thanks again for being a ListingWare customer.

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